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of items he would be able to accelerate if an Article V Convention of States is called. They need to meet the threshold of 34 states. They only need 6 more and advocacy groups are lobbying legislators in in nearly all 50 states. ALEC is facilitating the effort by meeting with legislators, providing model legislation to states and attending hearings.


Koch Brothers EXPOSED

was released in 2014. It's a 1 hour long documentary detailing ALL of the ways the Koch brothers have been destroying the essence and soul of our democracy from public education to voter suppression to Social Security and so much more. It's as relevant today as it was in 2014. Since then, the Koch Brothers have only grown and strengthened their network and have become more efficent.


The Koch brothers share the CNP's vision to "assure, by 2020,
policy leadership and governance that restores religious and
economic freedom, a strong national defense, and
Judeo-Christian values under the Constitution." It is well known Koch intends to reach the network's goal of a Convention of States by 2020.

We have heard rumors of the date July 4th, perhaps this is the
target deadline to reach 34 state applications. It seems logical
they would want to finish that phase before the 2018 elections.

This video covers all of the areas of American life the Koch brothers have gotten their Kochtopus tentacles into. It's one thing to hear or read about the Koch brothers' adventures and how they are attempting to change the American culture, but it's quite another to see it. Experiences with the Koch brothers might lead people to believe they are their benevolent friends. But nothing could be further from the truth. Their plan for the future of the American people is nothing short of sinister and they have been testing and perfecting their strategies for decades. In 1980, David Koch ran as VP in the presidential election and failed miserably with only 1% of the popular vote. In 1981, the Council for National Policy (CNP) was founded. Both have been building their membership and strengthening their organizations every since. At one of their weekend summits in 2015, 500 of their 700 donors attended and $249 million was raised to go toward their $889 million budget to spend on the 2016 elections. If only they used their genius  and wealth for good instead of evil. Watch this video and decided for yourself whether they are our benefactors leading the country "breaking barriers to 'free' the American people".













The word "vast" doesn't encompass the immensity of the Kochs' offensive on democracy. The Charles Koch Foundation, the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Cato Institute, The Heritage Foundation, the State Policy Network, Americans for Prosperity: These are just a handful of the many organizations that the Kochs’ and their partners fund to dismantle our social safety net.


A well-funded, highly coordinated national effort supported by the Koch bros, CNP, ALEC & former and current politicians to name a few is underway to call for an Article V Constitutional Convention.


In very general terms the Koch brothers are basically overlords or at the very least dominate every extreme right and conservative organization that is actively involved in changing political policy, pushing legislation to further their libertarian agenda, and influencing every aspect of American life.


The Koch brothers have dedicated their lives and a significant amount of their wealth to their cause. They are kingpins in the corporate world. Their coordinated efforts with ALEC and the CNP have infiltrated the chambers of every house and governorship in nearly every state across the country. They successfully purchase policy change at every level of government. They have infiltrated our schools and colleges and are teaching them free-market principles and an altered version of American history. They are literally trying to erase 300 years of American history. They are responsible for the shift away from unions that serve to mitigate income inequality. They are climate change deniers and seek to abolish all forms of regulation in every sector. In their quest for minimal government and in line with their free-enterprise and corporatist philosophies their wish is to privatize all government services.


They accomplish their goals in a myriad of ways and use multiple strategies in any given effort. They will employ media campaigns, deploy lobbyists and activist groups, engage voters in astroturf campaigns to go door to door to sell their ideas. They are masterful communicators. The use of language and messaging is used as a crucial weapon in the war they have waged against democracy.

A Constitutional Convention is The Koch brothers’ end-game.


The Kochs’ philosophy that is of utmost importance to them is economic ‘liberty’ and they will suppress

all of our rights and freedoms for their ‘economic’ freedom from a financially burdensome citizenry.


Calls for a convention are coming from right and left, with more money, a stronger campaign structure, and national coordination on the right. A number of major conservative organizations and donors, including Mercer family and Koch-funded groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), have renewed and intensified efforts to thrust this issue into the spotlight after years of inactivity. [8]



In 1980, David Koch ran as the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 1980 winning only 1% of the popular vote.  They have made more progress during the Trump administration than I am sure they ever dreamed possible. They are already taking credit for accomplishing many of their objectives, but a Convention of States will give them the Constitution to complete their objectives. A Constitutional Convention is their end-game. Here are just a few excerpts of the Libertarian Party platform that David Koch ran on in 1980 and what they have been working to achieve ever since.


As they draw closer to their ultimate goal, the Koch brothers and their partners are intoxicated with the opportunity to finally fulfill their villainous goal of destroying the Constitution.


  • “We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal Election Commission.”

  • “We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.”

  • “We oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.”

  • “We also favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.”

  • “We favor the repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary.”

  • “We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service. The present system, in addition to being inefficient, encourages governmental surveillance of private correspondence.  Pending abolition, we call for an end to the monopoly system and for allowing free competition in all aspects of postal service.”

  • “We oppose all personal and corporate income taxation, including capital gains taxes.”

  • “We support the eventual repeal of all taxation.”

  • “As an interim measure, all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately.”

  • “We support repeal of all law which impede the ability of any person to find employment, such as minimum wage laws.”

  • “We advocate the complete separation of education and State.  Government schools lead to the indoctrination of children and interfere with the free choice of individuals. Government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools and colleges should be ended.”

  • “We condemn compulsory education laws … and we call for the immediate repeal of such laws.”

  • “We support the repeal of all taxes on the income or property of private schools, whether profit or non-profit.”

  • “We support the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency.”

  • “We support abolition of the Department of Energy.”

  • “We call for the dissolution of all government agencies concerned with transportation, including the Department of Transportation.”

  • “We demand the return of America's railroad system to private ownership. We call for the privatization of the public roads and national highway system.”

  • “We specifically oppose laws requiring an individual to buy or use so-called "self-protection" equipment such as safety belts, air bags, or crash helmets.”

  • “We advocate the abolition of the Federal Aviation Administration.”

  • “We advocate the abolition of the Food and Drug Administration.”

  • “We support an end to all subsidies for child-bearing built into our present laws, including all welfare plans and the provision of tax-supported services for children.”

  • “We oppose all government welfare, relief projects, and ‘aid to the poor’ programs. All these government programs are privacy-invading, paternalistic, demeaning, and inefficient. The proper source of help for such persons is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals.”

  • “We call for the privatization of the inland waterways, and of the distribution system that brings water to industry, agriculture and households.”

  • “We call for the repeal of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.”

  • “We call for the abolition of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

  • “We support the repeal of all state usury laws.” [9]













The Koch network is working to change the hearts and minds of Americans with community specific targeted outreach programs:


  • The LIBRE Initiative is a group geared toward selling Koch policy ideas to Latino communities.

  • Generation Opportunity works to reach out to millennials and college students

  • Veterans For America targets veterans and military-minded voters

  • Bridge To Well-Being targets the poor



The KOCH Seminar Network


The Seminar Network is a network of wealthy donors led by the Koch brothers that have pumped campaign contributions not only to GOP lawmakers, but also to an array of third-party organizations. As a result the Koch brothers have made remarkable progress in their bid to reshape American government to align with their unique Libertarian ideologies and interests.


Their vision is to “support a society of mutual benefit, a free and open society that fosters long-term peace, human dignity, and well-being. At the core of our vision is the fact that free people are capable of extraordinary things. By removing the barriers preventing people from realizing their potential and transforming their lives, we help to transform society.”


The Intercept obtained a copy of a Seminar Network document. “This year, thanks in part to research and outreach efforts across institutions, we have seen progress on many regulatory priorities this Network has championed for years”. The document highlights environmental issues that the Koch brothers have long worked to undo.


“We’ve made more progress in the last five years than I had in the last 50,” Charles Koch reportedly said. “The capabilities we have now can take us to a whole new level.” [10]


Ruthless Intentions In Disguise


Their language dazzles their victims who become entranced with visions of prosperity and freedom, when in fact the Kochs’ true intentions are to destroy their freedoms and any possibility of personal wealth.


CNN published an op-ed by James Davis, executive vice president of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, and a senior adviser to Americans for Prosperity, The LIBRE Initiative and Concerned Veterans for America. The op-ed emphasized the network’s position as a strong, nonpartisan advocate for freedom. All of these groups are Koch funded groups.

"Charles Koch has long argued that government welfare and regulation actually hold back many welfare recipients. His network's goal, he has stated “is to remove the shackles preventing all Americans, especially the disadvantaged, from pursuing their dreams. That’s what’s happening in this country. We are crushing (and then he corrects himself) these policies are crushing peoples’ dreams,” by making "it nearly impossible for the poor to start a small business or, in many cases, even work.”


Koch went on to call his network "the most effective movement in history for helping people improve their lives and making the world a better place. If one didn’t know that the Koch brothers were in favor of eliminating welfare, unions, championing the Right-To-Work for less than minimum wage and just about every other social assistance program designed to help the poor, they might give them impression that they actually cared about people.


Meanwhile, back at the Network, the Koch brothers have decided to take up the war on poverty to win over poor people. “The program, named Bridge to Wellbeing, represents “the new way to advance freedom,” by offering classes on couponing and tips on how to prepare “dinner on a dime,” and how to turn your passion into profit by helping other people be successful, to not just tell them about the economy and economic freedom, but to show them that we want them to economically thrive, and how to do it.” [11]

In Charles Koch’s Words


“We're warriors 'seeking to right injustices'. He compares the conservative movement to America’s heroic crusaders for freedom. Charles Koch, in speech compared the causes of his conservative political and policy operation to the American Revolution, the abolitionists, suffragettes and civil rights crusaders.”


“They all sought to overcome an injustice. And we, too, are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back,” Koch said on the second day of a summit (2015) which drew 450 rich conservatives, as well as numerous leading Republican politicians.


“History demonstrates that when the American people get motivated by an issue of justice, that they believe is just, extraordinary things can be accomplished, and that’s the message for all of us,” Koch said.


For the Koch network, the cause is reducing government spending and regulation that conservatives believe limits prosperity for all Americans. Or, as Koch put it, “we aim … to remove the shackles preventing all Americans, especially the disadvantaged, from pursuing their dreams.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. [12]


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