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Currently 28 states have applied for a Constitutional Convention. Other terms used are Convention of States and Amendments Convention. There are advocacy groups, many supported by the Koch brothers including grassroots  supporting a Constitutional Convention in nearly all of the remaining states. Active legislation is currently being considered in more than enough states to reach the threshold of 34 states needed to force Congress to call a convention.

It's rumored that the Koch brothers want to achieve this goal by July 4th, Independence Day, which aligns perfectly with their wish to free America from what they consider the greatest barrier to their economic freedom - the government. Their ultimate deadline to hold a convention is 2020.

Regardless of whether they are in open session, you can still contact your state legislators. Please do. You should feel free to call any state legislator whether or not you are from that state. The decision they make will affect each and every American. Every facet of American life is at risk; every freedom and right, including our right to vote, our freedom to practice any faith we choose. Public education, Social Security, healthcare and every social program that helps to assist our poor will be at risk. Our Constitution and our democracy is in danger. 

Here is what you can do to save our Constitution:

1. Locate your state legislators here: 

    Scroll down for a letter to use to

    Email your state legislators.

2.  PHONE                     EMAIL                              VISIT                      

3. If you hear rumors there are people going door to door

or you know there is an active campaign in your community

to support a Convention of States, you can post a flyer in

visible public spaces or deliver them to your neighbors

mailboxes. Scroll down to the bottom for a flyer you can use. 

4. You can also send a letter to news media. Another letter is

linked below for this purpose.

Reasons Why We Oppose a Constitutional Convention

Make sure to tell them Congress introduced SR 8 and HR 31 on January 24, 2017 to make an amendment to the Constitution to remedy Citizens United. Many legislators are unaware of these resolutions.


In this politically divisive climate it's inevitable regardless of what measures are put in place to prevent it, that it would turn into a runaway convention; it is unlikely it could be contained or limited or that delegates would honor boundaries.


In addition, there is nothing to stop a convention from reducing the number of states required to ratify amendments as happened in 1787; a balanced budget amendment would be economically devastating to the country, causing deepened, extended recessions & higher unemployment.


It's reckless & dangerous to consider opening the Constitution to a full rewrite & there is no guarantee that a rewrite wouldn't serve (Koch) corporate interests over the interests of the American people. It's an unacceptable risk at the present time.

A Constitutional Convention puts our freedoms and protections, our public education, our social safety nets, healthcare and more at risk. 


Here is a sample letter to use to email and fax your legislators: 

Here is a sample flyer:

Here is a sample letter to send to media:

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