We are a small group of individuals who seek to inform the public about the dangers that a Constitutional Convention poses to our democracy and who is behind it.

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We the people are facing some of the most dangerous threats in our history. Our mission is to inform the public about the dangers that a Constitutional Convention poses to our democracy with the goal of encouraging them to actively ‘resist’ and help us to save our Constitution.

The words freedom, liberty and democracy are words that are being thrown around haphazardly by the far right. Their meaning has been distorted by the darkest influences in American politics.  The Koch brothers rule those dark forces and their influences have been in play for decades. Over that span of time, they have developed a complex network of organizations and perfected strategies that further their efforts to erase the philosophies and culture that have seen us through some of our most difficult struggles throughout our history.

The Koch brothers have worked tirelessly; together with a network of immensely wealthy donors, billions of dollars have been invested in persuading Republicans to adopt their unique form of Libertarianism.

Their power of persuasion lies in their attention to the minutest detail in their targeted messaging. While Trump and his entourage have been anything but subtle, the Koch brothers’ messaging and activities are the epitome of cunning. They have taken Machiavellian tactics to a whole new level.

America is under attack on multiple fronts. Russia and the Trump administration along with the Republican Party are dangerous to our democracy on their own. While there are measures that can and hopefully will be taken to successfully neutralize those dangers, the Koch network represents a different kind of danger that will be extremely difficult to eradicate.  The extremist religious cult that supports Trump also plays an important role in the Koch network. We as a people are going to have to pull together fearlessly and determinedly to counter the religious cult and the Koch network. It can be done. But it will take all of us. It will take unwavering resolve and we need to be prepared to persist. If we choose not to, the current nightmare we are all sharing will certainly revisit us. Like any disease, if we fail to eradicate it, it will return stronger and more resistant than ever before.

A well-funded, highly coordinated national effort supported by the Koch bros, CNP, ALEC & former and current politicians to name a few is currently underway to call for an Article V Constitutional Convention. Congress will be required to call a convention if the threshold of 34 states is met. Currently 28 states have applied to Congress to call a convention to amend the Constitution. But efforts are ongoing in nearly all of the remaining states.

Please spread the word and ask your state legislators to vote NO to any resolution for an Article V Convention of States. Ask them to help us save our Constitution.


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